‘Two Can Do’ – (Performer in the work) Choreographer: Bianca Paige Smith

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‘Shaped No.2’

A LIVE INTERACTIVE DANCE INSTALLATION, Culture Night, Dance Theatre of Ireland 6.30-8.30pm Free admission!

This work stems from a screen dance piece that explored the exercising of present-ness within a place of constant departure and arrival for both the body and camera. (Shaped)

The work currently investigates only the body being present in its ever changing environment….where people continually pass through in real time solely entering and exiting yet always leaving traces behind….the residual essence of these traces is then tracked by the dancer’s sensitivity to influence.

Soundtrack:Fromental Halévy



In residency at Dance Ireland October 31-November 3
Performing at The Whale Theatre, Greystones, Co Wicklow November 3

Interruptions occur but how do we return to what we were in the middle of doing? The question is can we? Is it possible to finish what we had started when some of these occurrences may change us in ways we never thought possible. The experience of renewal may be a more complicated process than imagined. So if we strive to renew, perhaps thrive in the process of renewal and with this potentially become a newer version of the undetermined renewal state that awaits us all down the line.
Working from an autobiographical place this concept will be deeply explored by two dancers through improvisational tasks with the hope of unleashing the honesty of the personal and rooted movement vocabulary that evolves as we grow yet is never erased by any event.
As you watch the dancers in the space I ask you…..Have you ever had to renew? If the answer is no, sit back and observe. If the answer is yes, were you successful?….Did it happen more than once?….
Renewal was premiered at the Whale theatre in Greystones, Co Wicklow on the 3rd November 2017 and was performed in The Mission Theatre, Bath as part of TREE Choreographic Platform 2017.
Renewal will be performed next as part of LIMERICK FRINGE 2018 at St. Johns Pavillion on 6th and 7th April.
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