As a dance artist who is very passionate about duet work, I also have a strong interest in screendance and its potential as a genre. In the past I have undertaken a large scale research project that explored the act of exercising ‘present-ness’ for both the body and camera within a set location. Below I highlight one screendance in particular, Shaped. 

Screendance Works 

Please feel free to click on the videos below of screendance works I have directed/edited or performed in. 


The methodology used for this research project was Practice as Research (PAR)practical based explorations and investigations along with an arts practice journal of documentation running parallel to this.

The main aims for the research project were…….

  • To expand my own dance practice within a screendance context.
  • To explore the multiple levels that can be utilised by the dancer and camera in the selected locations.
  • To examine, highlight and emphasise the power of ‘present-ness’ for the dancer and camera in the selected space.
  • Embody both spaces and utilise these as a stimulus to create and generate potential movement material and produce original filmed footage all within the choreographic process.
  • Frame shots with a play on dimension and combine a mix of motion and stillness shots for both the body and camera on the staircase.
  • Examine and reflect on improvisational tasks undertaken in the space.
  • Acknowledge, recognise and act on re-occuring themes/issues that may arise from the process of journaling and the documention of practice.

The purpose of the paper was to……….

  • To investigate ‘present-ness’ in such a way for both the body and camera to explore, discover and experience their subject.
  • To develop artisticly as a dance artist through documenting information that may arise throughout the journalling process as a result of this practice as research.
  • To expand my movement vocabulary/possibilities within a screendance context.
  • To test the impact a location has over a choreographic process.

Access the paper here


I hope to pursue further projects within this context at different locations in the future.