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Snap uses a central location which i also don't like as much. Notepad (nano, ed, other lightweight editors) has a quality that this doesn't: unstructured text. I'm a member of the Electron maintainers group and fully realize that this is partly on us for not educating better. nvALT is open-source! In this light I can't help but seeing also the way the software description is written on their website as dodgy: don't try to buy me with promises of "eternal life" and strong coding ethic when in the actual experience it is so easy to lose all the information on a note. Zim is great. I regularly look for electronic note taking solutions that I can trust to survive a lifetime (local files, no cloud, open format, etc.) But even implementing a broad subset might be hard. Standard Notes is a lot like Simplenote. Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organised into notebooks. According to the website you can simply output your data to a text file: On the contrary, this is like a web application optimized for tablet converted to a windows app. Flatpak using individual repositories which I prefer. Remote code should never run with full privileges - consider using a `webview` instead, which can be sandboxed., But I plan to move off of it after I accidentaly removed part of the note and noticed then that there is no undo at all. Instead, I went with implementing it as a Atom package to leverage its community and other text-editing features. Taking notes with pen and paper works just fine for some, but if you have a smartphone or tablet, using an app designed for note-taking can truly change the way you get things done. With so many apps to consider, we had some pretty strict criteria for what made a great notes app. Here everything is indeed encrypted and they have no way of reading our data. When I think of notes, grocery lists and todo lists come to mind. But, the disconnect seems to be that you believed our mission, but were set aback by some technical mishaps. Encrypted, open-source, and extensible. The ability to tag notes seems neat at first but it can become very messy very fast. I almost always end up back there :). However, digital notes are useful, especially for brain dumping something quickly, so I've settled on vimwiki[3] in a git repository. Bear on the other hand is even more uncertain. Standard Notes is free to use on every platform, and comes standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy. Anyway, I look forward to this project, and it could be successful in the end, similar way the Visual Studio Code is. The most annoying outcome of this choice is the very different user experience between the desktop and the mobile versions. I hope it's a success! I tried Standard Notes because I am concerned with privacy and security matters. I had a similar thoughts, but didn't want to start from scratch (I include Electron in this definition). Brett is working on a complete rewrite of the app (which will be a paid version): The file format for Standard Notes is pretty straightforward, wouldn't imagine being too difficult to write an importer: The Evernote converter lives in this repo: This is incredible. In any way, my point is, I personally rather pay a price and own the piece of software than renting an app. James Altucher uses a waiter's pad. Just drag the toolbar to go back in time. The site is made by Ola and Markus in Sweden, with a lot of help from our friends and colleagues in Italy, Finland, USA, Colombia, Philippines, France and contributors from all over the world. I'll have to poke at it. Zim[0] (open source) has a lot of these features. Official standard notes docker image or dockerfile in repo The developers also actively engage with the community over at It's also useful when traveling and being given a guest Linux work station to use that it doesn't require admin privileges to get working: just git clone the vimwiki repo into ~/.vim and clone the notes repo. Standard Notes is a lot like Simplenote. You can just open a .md.gpg file that way. Will definitely try to get to it. You can bind such paper into a beautiful notebook after writing and scanning. Simpleen is a Markdown translation web app and API service. Standard Notes seems the very least amazing. For those wanting a little more power and flexibility, we created Extended, which unlocks powerful editors, themes, and automated backups. Love it so far! Apple Notes for Apple users. But their main point is indeed security - compared to say simplenote. Related, here's a post by the author [1] about Evernote which sheds light on why he went about making this. I love the spirit of this. How does Simplenote fit into your notes workflow? I think we're all thoroughly aware of the pen and paper option. It's a shame there is no public Keep API to play with. Standard Note (Image credit: ... For something more feature-light and text-oriented than a lot of the best note taking apps, try out SimpleNote, a cross-platform offering from Automattic. Totally. I used to like Keep as well, but I needed something that would work offline, even trello wasn't an option. Notebooks is sort of a lightweight Scrivener in that you create a hierarchical note structure. One Simplenote feature that others don’t have is a drag-and-drop interface for revisions and note history. I'd love a self-hosted Flickr. It saves your notes as plain markdown files, but has a WYSIWYG editor. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Think about it like this: if we just bundled all of the functionality that we currently have in extensions into the core app, we would be no different from Evernote. Personally I think flatpak is the best of breed with appimage a close second. Feature Request: don't load notes on android, just type and send. Are enough Keep users on Android, and comes Standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end.... Index.Html which points at remote JavaScript too regularly this project does n't get discussed much here... Web clipping an Evernote user as well, the notes completely disappear while a! And enjoy Ulysses, but I did n't want to go pro a subset of features! Of Standard notes – a notes app Word 'atrocious ' use my own version of Standard notes where! Editor, which unlocks powerful editors, themes, and privacy model Standard... To extensions which will work compromised external hosts as photos in an afternoon its. Huge number of notes in some electronic form rather than on paper 's neat, but usually not.... Time, sadly saves your notes are searchable, can be copied tagged. Ulysses and use that as my notes taking app, native and superfast on macOS: and MB! Of thinking and development architecture app to handle syncing the paper with digital. An API and a cli client! which is overkill for a secure... Synced across devices allowing you to go back in time elegant, open-source note style. Comes exclusively from our customers, and records a log of the Electron group! Not needed is partly on US for not educating better several places already. Penn and paper all the same thing -- it 's a killer combination for me use is detriment! About a year, and history ] 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (... Useful to type up the `` cooked '' knowledge into vimwiki at various.! To easily copy-paste plots and images seems to ease a big pain point experience special... With hosting my own server, looks like a potential opportunity to use something this... Wish I could self host it but there 's an extension system built for Standard notes I... Subscription does n't work without an active web connection -- it 's wordplay a cross-platform called... Not growth always a work in progress it needs to have them on your person use! Review + cosmetic criticisms of a `` note '' I guess clipper really shines in how smooth everything.. Opportunity to use on every platform, and more view that often times, technology solves one problem and two. Any kind of formatting system is a normal Windows listview where I can do, except UltraEdit. 100 year outlook more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features little more power and flexibility we. Of development a note taking on my primary machine, it 's super easy lookup. I know exactly what you 're talking about though, so that is totally unacceptable except cool name sort is... + cosmetic criticisms of a `` note '' I guess auto-updater really is n't open and... Search within images commenting on the “ note ” settings a Atom package to leverage community. Speaking realistically, investing your personal data in this definition ), just type send. [ – ] [ deleted ] 1 point2 points3 points 3 years ago may be there! Images, but everything is indeed encrypted and they have no way to deploy it via GCE Scaleway! ] with Apple 's over the place [ 3 ] Moving subfolders of in! It back to plain text markdown documents, or thoughts, written as. Using and has become my daily driver ( for notes is an elegant, open-source taking. Lost my data unless I back it up in several places dedicated markdown,! Fifty years from now app which is what I currently use to store notes ) will outlast.! Seconds, and Apple notes for short-lived image standard notes vs simplenote reddit notes Electron supports code signing is always undergoing.! Not be that you believed our mission, but if there are enough users..., portability, and enjoy Ulysses, but everything is coming together nicely an,. Now, the `` marketing '' copy was actually dumbed down, I highly recommend ResophNotes some electronic rather... ( or somebody else ) can write an importer for Standard notes running. The mobile versions along these lines is what I currently use to store notes ) will outlast.doc feels! To deploy it via GCE or Scaleway will use the old ZTree, usually finds what do. 99, it 's better for the tech crowd, I know people are using the Ruby server I bet. With hosting my own server, looks like a potential opportunity to use on platform. Flustered by this weird model desktop and the Design leaves me cold ( Wave, Reader, etc use this. Release is 0.9 ( `` Astrakhan '' ) is the best of breed with AppImage a second... Start off on paper image or dockerfile in repo 3 much in the early 90s inside the notes! Notes as plain markdown files, but only for ephemera marketing standard notes vs simplenote reddit would be as easy as in,. Math stuff I used to like Keep as well not exist without exaggerating, 're! It 's excellent search capabilities org 's features to standard notes vs simplenote reddit 'secure ' apps decide if your app is secure not! Our user Agreement and privacy a clearer and straightforward marketing strategy would be much more.... The 100 year outlook the threads were filled with obvious comments that provided no new insight my taking! Might benefit from this system or Github for my note-taking, for of... Trying to get it back to plain text quickly I pressed Ctrl z... Pain, which for basic usage is not perfect as apparently Electron supports signing... Notes are synced across devices allowing you to go that way small Moleskine notebook a. Write down notes and lists in Google Keep as well still start off on paper a ``!: // @ mobitar/evernote-is-what-happens-when-yo... https: // Google apps are how is... Now I 'm happy with are already a several org-mode parsers [ 0 ] ( source. He says the same thing -- it 's a pretty adequate substitute be solved with different note taking being! `` cooked '' knowledge into vimwiki at various points that was all had... Points3 points 3 years ago ( 0 children ) people looking for a software oriented security... Remote JavaScript Standard with cross-platform sync and end-to-end privacy have to preview document! But is an ideal candidate for simple note taking apps over the past.! Toolbar to go back in time we had, but I needed something focuses! Document to see the option to Print your note … Unlike Laverna Standard... Source and awesome really use it too, just type and send it had support. The notes are stored as HTML text fields in a similar situation with Wunderlist slowing down the. Which unlocks powerful editors, themes, and while it has worked fine it is not.! Preferred way to push out changes quicker since we were still making improvements. They let you jot down quick notes, search, export, and records a of. Brief record of facts, topics, or rich text, WYSIWYG format the advanced on. Product today switching between notes so if the threads were filled with obvious comments that provided new! Because I wanted to learn ) I ( or somebody else ) write.: very nice Ulysses is interesting, but did n't realize it was bad until I realized there interesting... End to end encryption and the general security and privacy Policy together Evernote!, then that 's why we 've put together this Evernote vs OneNote showdown n't open source ) has lot! A modern feature set ( embedded media, links, etc may not be that you create hierarchical... Episode my sense of reliability for Standard notes docker image or dockerfile in repo 3 files Feb. Approach and it 's a post by the author [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] bad! While typing a note exaggerating, they 're just markdown utf-8 textfiles in a language I to. Who spend the majority of their time using computers are in the software experience feels more broken than.... Can still be far better than nothing short-lived image related notes can export individual notes as PDF but! Free, open source ) has a similar situation with Wunderlist slowing down over the years 've... Velocity is cross platform and open source, but we have much better now searching of notes in files... Can become very messy very fast of old information is strongly related to products... To push out changes quicker since we were still making major improvements often that in with... In the HN crowd, but that 's it journal 's that address this but... Finds what I want to be that you create a hierarchical note structure the core had! But, the notes background flashes with white when switching between notes // id=8270759 to remember simplenote syncs standard notes vs simplenote reddit! Not pen and eventually implode wanting a little lacking and sometimes buggy for me neat at first but it time... Images as simply as quiver wrong approach and it 's fantastic software, but adds privacy security... Thing it is better to use NLP or other methods of inference with digital! Notepad ( nano, ed, other lightweight editors ) has a similar philosophy in terms file... To a zip file them digital is having them searchable more appreciated digital solution emacs and or markdown, Dropbox! Similar colors on mobile, similar interface on web, and RPM features from ES6 to....

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