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Series records brief entries about the proceedings of court cases. 25, 1890-1897 (1 reel of microfilm); vol. Prepare, maintain and provide maps and information on property locations, descriptions and ownership on all taxable and exempt property; Prepare the assessment roll for Tax Certification; Important Dates to Remember. A, 1-28, 1853-1961 (50 reels of microfilm). 541-440-4222. 1-288, 1939-1942 (1 reel of microfilm); Delayed Birth Registrations [Findings and Orders for Registration of Birth], no. 1-15, 1913-1963 (8 reels of microfilm). Reports summarize the activities of county officials and their staff as they perform their official duties. Map ID Number Search Series documents the granting of United States citizenship to petitioners. General road maps may be found in the series titled Road and Bridge Records. Series documents the activities of the sheriff and other county officials relating to the foreclosure of property in order to satisfy creditors in cases involving delinquent taxes, mortgage payments, or court judgments. Contact the ESD for more information. Series documents cases heard before the circuit courts and the U.S. district courts. Prints [Topographic Maps], ca.1973-ca.1974 (ca.75 maps); Metsker's Atlas of Douglas County, Oregon [Modified], 1941-n.d. (1 volume); 1967 (1 volume); Misc. Probate [Record of Estates], 1903-1911 (1 reel of microfilm). Circuit court records continue after 1983 under authority of the state and are maintained by the trial court administrator. 30, 1897-1905 (1 reel of microfilm); vol. Superintendent of schools records have been inventoried through 1965. 1, 1872-n.d. (1 volume); Road Record, vol. 1-2, 1916-1950 (4 reels of microfilm). 3686-10362, ca.1940-ca.1973 (3 inches of microfilm jackets); Probate [Miscellaneous Case Files], no. 1, 1905-1915 (1 volume); Record of Physicians Dentists & Optometrists [with index], vol. 2-3, 1859-1948 (1 reel of microfilm); Probate [Sealed Files-includes insane commitment and adoption cases], ca.1869-ca.1955 (4 reels of microfilm); Sealed Files [Circuit Court Mental Cases-Files], 1987-1993 (11 reels of microfilm); Sealed Files [Journal of Mentally Ill-title varies], vol. Beginning in 1965 military records were recorded in the clerk's Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). The term "judgment" refers to judicial decisions regarding the verdict, decision, or judgment rendered by the court and is distinct from those judgments relating to the recovery of court costs and awards (see Judgment and Execution Dockets). 2, 1876-1916 (1 volume); TR [Survey Index Cards-includes entries for filed surveys, corner surveys, subdivisions, partitions, and road surveys-by township and range], ca.1860-present (5 cu.ft.). Active Files [Mental Commitment Alphabetical Index Cards], ca.1953-ca.1982 (.20 cu.ft. Dates listed in brackets document the range of actual birth dates. Plats also include corner restoration marks, scales, dates created and filed, and donation land claim owners. ); [Probate Case Files-Active], ca.1979-present (20 cu.ft. Justice court records have been inventoried through 1940. 1-3, ca.1907-ca.1974 (3 volumes); Transfer of Title [Torrens], vol. Executions [Docket], vol. ); Road Dockets [includes maps, reports, vacations, agreements, resolutions, orders], no. 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 volumes); [Circuit Court Judgments-Transcribed Judgments], 1969-1984 (13 reels of microfilm); [Circuit Court Judgments-Transcripts of Judgment], 1943-1968 (8 reels of microfilm); Circuit Court Microfiche [Case Files], no. County death records have been inventoried through 1920. 1-58], 1856-n.d. (7 volumes). Fair Board Minutes [and Reports], 1957-1994 (4.50 cu.ft. 1259 [Umpqua County Commissioners Journal Minutes-transcription of original], 1851-1860 (1 reel of microfilm). 2-5, 1890-1928 (3 reels of microfilm).​. learn more. ); [Admission and Release Notices-Oregon State Hospital and other facilities], 1963-1980 (4 volumes); Index Mentally Diseased, 1968-1986 (1 volume); Insane Records [Mental Commitment Register Cards-alphabetical], ca.1954-ca.1982 (.75 cu.ft. Brands [Livestock Record of Marks and Brands], 1940-1946 (1 volume); Log Mark Record [with index], vol. Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. [Information-Bureau of Land Management-with index], n.d.-1998 (1 binder of microfiche). County Road Index 1950 to Present [visually indexes survey maps], 1950-present (1 binder); County Roads Index Prior to 1950 [visually indexes survey maps], ca.1912-ca.1949 (1 binder); [County Road Surveys 1950-Present-Maps], ca.1950-present (ca.2000 maps); County Road Surveys Prior to 1950 [Maps], ca.1912-ca.1949 (ca.600 maps); State Hwys. Liens on Mining Claims [with index], vol. 1-424, 1954-1984 (424 binders). Birth Information [Delayed Birth Registration Index Cards], 1939-1966 (.10 cu.ft.). Records include wills, receipts, claims, vouchers, petitions to sell, notices of annual accounting, final estate accounting reports, appraiser's affidavits, bills of sale, inventories, fee bills, appraisals, administrator and appointment certificates, and appraiser oaths. ); Probate Court Index [to case files and journal], vol. 2-3, 1859-1948 (2 volumes). 2-12, 1873-1905 (5 reels of microfilm); Probate [Record Book-Journal-title varies], vol. 2100-4800, 1952-1963 (3 volumes); MH Miscl. Field Notes and Plats [Bureau of Land Management], 1857-1998 (5 binders of microfiche); BLM/GLO Plats East Ranges [Bureau of Land Management/General Land Office Survey Record], ca.1899-present (1 volume); County Surveyor Field Notes [Bureau of Land Management], vol. Douglas County Assessor's Office Citizenship [Naturalization Card Index-also indexes register of electors], ca.1859-ca.1975 (.75 cu.ft. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. view map. 1-3, 1857-1891 (3 volumes); Miscellaneous Index [to Microfilm], vol. Sheriff's Sale Record [Tax], vol. Early Land Use Zoning Ordinance [includes various ordinance versions], 1955-1980 (1 binder); [Zoning Maps-by township and range-in map drawer], ca.1981-ca.2000 ca.500 maps). [Delayed Birth Records-documents births from ca.1865-ca.1930], no. Road Dockets [includes maps, reports, vacations, agreements, resolutions, orders], no. Information includes names of individuals proving water rights; locations of water rights including the township, range, and section number; descriptions of land under such rights; and limitations of appropriations of rights and use of rights (i.e., length of time, usage). Douglas County Tax Records are documents related to property taxes, employment taxes, taxes on goods and services, and a range of other taxes in Douglas County, Oregon. Portions of these records may be restricted. The user acknowledges and agrees that the use of such Products is at the sole risk of the user. Jackson Interactive Mapping (JIM) is a suite of ArcGIS online interactive maps that provide ad-hoc mapping of Jackson County GIS data.. Original Zoning Map Orders [County Commission-with index], 1960-1975 (1 binder). Series records the actions taken by the county's probate court. Since 1964, assumed business names have been filed with the Secretary of State. 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 reels of microfilm); [Transcripts of Judgments], 1907-1917 (1 reel of microfilm); 1943-1968 (8 reels of microfilm. Information found on GIS Property Maps is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal or financial advice. Donation land claims were unique in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly. 1, 1853-1873 (1 reel of microfilm); Probate [Ledger-Register and Docket], no. 1905-1912 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Information includes registration number; place and date of death; name, sex, color, birth date and place, age, and marital status of the deceased; names and birthplaces of parents; primary and contributory cause of death; physician, registrar, and informant signatures; filing date; and date and place of burial. Registration of property usually is in relation to a marriage or divorce settlement. Series may also include an index arranged either alphabetically by name of owner or by farm name. The record serves as the official notice of the existence of a lien. Probate Information [Probate Case File Abstracts-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County], 1850-1916 (2 binders); Probate Records [Abstracts from 1883 to 1924-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County], 2006 (1 binder). 1-3, 1855-1871, 1881-1887 (1 reel of microfilm); School Superintendent Records [Teacher's Institute Record Book], 1882-1904 (1 reel of microfilm). Topics discussed include the creation, amendment, and appeal of zoning ordinances and county land use laws; county comprehensive plans; and election or appointment of planning commission members. Of these claims, 6.96% are active while 93.04% are now closed. Attachment Record [with index], vol. 1-472, 1972-present (20 cu.ft. ); Topographic Maps [15 Minute United States Geologic Survey], 1942-1974 (ca.100 maps); Topog. Assessment Roll Alpha, 1977-2001 (7 inches of microfiche); Assessment Roll Numeric, 1969-1999 (9 inches of microfiche); Tax Roll, 1981-1991 (5 inches of microfiche); 1990-2000 (9 inches of microfiche). Minor Land Partition [Plats-combined volumes], vol. [Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Maps-with index], 1978 (ca.100 maps). Administrative actions include levying taxes; budgeting; approving appropriations; appointing county officials; approving officials bonds and annual reports; receiving petitions and remonstrances concerning county roads; defining and establishing county roads; calling bond elections for the construction of county buildings; compiling jury lists and conducting hearings; approving salaries and expenses of county officials; confirming elections; and issuing licenses for such things as liquor, ferries, warehouses, and groceries. Information includes parties involved, land descriptions, dates, number and nature of titles, subdivisions, title holders, terms, discharge dates, and registrar's signatures. Officers Reports [County], vol. 8060-10382, 1966-1973 (6 feet of microfilm jackets); no. This series is commonly referred to as the Book of Records. Prop. The tax lot must have 5 digits. Cases heard include disturbing the peace, illegal liquor sales, assault, larceny, trespassing, fraud, vagrancy, and burglary. 1-4, 1887-1958 (4 volumes); Misc. Information includes name, residence, and occupation of applicants; place and date of birth; emigration place, date, and vessel; declaration of intention dates; name, birthplace, and birth date of dependents; and renunciation of allegiance to foreign governments. Series includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, or muster rolls, and may include alphabetical indexes. Justice court records have been inventoried through 1940. Declarations of intention may also be included. 2, 1893-1915 (1 volume). Series documents criminal and civil cases brought before justice of the peace courts. Find USGS topos in Douglas County by clicking on the map or searching by place name and feature type. 497-10428, 1904-1973 (8 reels of microfilm). Series documents the annual allotment of funds for county government operations as agreed to by the board of commissioners. Records include road surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and other survey maps, and road registers. [Highway Survey Maps], ca.1920-present (ca.190 maps); [County Road Plat Books], ca.1855-ca.1921 (2 volumes); Plat Index County Roads, ca.1853-ca.1925 (1 volume); [Road and Bridge Survey Notes-includes older records], 1975-present (15 cu.ft. Information includes applicant name and address, children's names and birth dates, amount of pension or monthly support payment, and county court order. Planning Commission Minutes [includes related records], 2008-present (3 cu.ft.). ); Water Rights [Cancellation Records-trifolded], ca.1962-ca.1977 (.25 cu.ft. Over time probate jurisdiction was transferred from the county court to the circuit court in most counties. Register of Farm Names, vol. Series includes plans for transportation, energy, housing, population and economics, public facilities and services, urbanization, natural resources, greenways, recreation, agricultural and forest lands, land capability, resource quality, floodplains, landmarks, historic property, rural community center designation, and natural areas. 1-4, 1853-1979 (1 reel of microfilm); County Court Journal Indexes [Umpqua County Court Journal], vol. ORMAP Project. 1, 1903-1942 (1 reel of microfilm); [Stock Marks-with index], 1854-1893 (1 reel of microfilm). Series records the results of the examination of a corpse by the county coroner at the request of the county sheriff. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. ); School District 7 Records [Tenmile], 1854-1884 (1 volume); School District 14 Records, ca.1917-1925 (1 volume); School District 23 Records [Calapooia-formerly Umpqua County School District No. The Douglas Education Service District (ESD) maintains microfilm that includes district boundary board minutes, teacher certificates, eighth grade examination records, and related documents dating back to the late-1800s. A-C, 1852-1863 (1 reel of microfilm); County Court Journal, vol. Judgment and execution records have been inventoried through 1920. ); Outdated Renewed Corners [Records], ca.1960-present (1.50 cu.ft. Because the provision of relief became primarily a state and federal function in the 1930s, records are inventoried through 1939. 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 volumes); Circuit Court Index Direct, vol. They generally include flight path or township, range, and section numbers; show natural and man-made features; and are produced in black and white or color prints to varying scales. Certificate of Naturalization [Stubs], 1890-1928 (6 volumes). Index to Mining Claims [also indexes Mortgage Record vol. Records include registers and certificates. Series records chronological narratives of the proceedings of the court including actions taken such as decrees, judgments, arrangements, sentences, dismissals, and grand jury reports. Records at the Douglas County Courthouse, Assessor's Records Vault 108: [Assessment Maps-in wooden drawers], ca.1920-ca.1950 (ca.300 maps). Record of Births and Deaths, 1903-1933 (4 volumes). ); Water Rights by Township Range Section [Cards-includes description and priority and certificate dates], ca.1900-ca.1980 (.75 cu.ft. Registration of Birth [Delayed Births-Index to Certificates], 1945-1984 (6 volumes). 1-50, 1853-1953 (50 volumes); Index to Circuit Court [Journal], vol. 40, 1900-1920 (1 reel of microfilm); vol. ); [Planning Department Application Land Use Action Case Files Township and Range Card Index-indexes subdivision, partition, and zoning information], ca.1981-present (1 cu.ft. [Circuit Court Judgment Book-includes County Court Docket and Probate Docket-Umpqua and Douglas Counties], 1856-1874 (1 volume); Journal Civil Citizenship [includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases-with index], vol. Maps/Plats [Surveyor's Maps by Frank E. Alley-Township Maps], ca.1905 (1 reel of microfilm); Maps/Plats [Township Maps], vol. ); [Registration of Farm Names], 1911-1964 (1 reel of microfilm). ); Pacific Hwy Road Districts Contracts [Highway-includes road district minutes], 1917-1928 (2.50 cu.ft. 2, 1919-1933 (1 volume); Tax Sales [Record], vol. 15-39, 1912-1954 (25 volumes); Probate Journal [with index], vol. A1, B, 1856-1863 (2 volumes); Deed Record, vol. Information concerning county roads may be available on the Integrated Road Information System (IRIS) at the county road office. Score Map. DougCo Hub! 1-2, 1859-1961 (2 reels of microfilm); Probate [Journal-with index], vol. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. 1, 1898-1904 (1 volume). Under the search field, you are also allowed to use the alternate account # if you do not have the Property ID # starting with the letters above. 1-56, 1857-present (56 volumes); County Surveyor's Record, [Original Record], vol. Circuit Court [Docket Sheets-Register and Circuit Court Docket], no. Boundaries of Fire Districts [Aerial Photomap], n.d. (1 volume); [General Highway Map of Douglas County-Atlas-includes aerial photomaps], 1967 (1 volume). Records include registers, affidavits, certificates, and statements. ); Road Dockets [includes maps, reports, vacations, agreements, resolu. Records may include election poll books and/or the election voter register. Series documents the recording of births by the county. Comprehensive Plan Reference File [Comprehensive Plan-includes comprehensive plan copies and amendments], no. Series documents the application for and registration of farm names with the county clerk or recorder. 2-3, 1955-1983 (2 volumes); Index to Mining Conveyances, 1887-1983 (2 volumes); Mining Claims [Record-title varies], vol. Old Age Pensioners [Applications and Orders], no. 1-1110, ca.1890-1980 (20 cu.ft.). Research Neighborhoods Home Values, School Zones & Diversity Instant Data Access! ); 1945-1951 (1 volume); 1947-1950 (1 volume); 1951-1952 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 1-11, ca.1963-1989 (12 volumes). If this does not work, leave out the % key. View Douglas County Assessor's maps including plat maps, property zoning and overlay, district boundaries, city boundaries, and aerial images. Since 1965 mortgages have been recorded in the clerk's Book of Records (Clerk and Recorder Official Filings). Water Rights Index [Partial], ca.1920-ca.1964 (1 binder); Water Rights Permit Cert #s [Permit and Certificate Index], 1903-1991 (1 binder of computer printouts). 65, 1909-1911 (1 reel of microfilm); [Land Patents-also includes water rights and mining notices], 1885-1910 (1 reel of microfilm). Beginning in 1965 deeds, mortgages, mining claims, water rights, military discharges, and other records were recorded in the clerk's Book of Records/Recorded Records. [Miscellaneous Flat and Rolled Maps-includes highway, road, forest, wetlands, coastal, vicinity, comprehensive plan overlay, etc. Most petitions were filed decades after the actual birth. Series may also include an index arranged alphabetically by business name. Attachments [ Record-with index ], 1903-1926 ( 2 volumes ) this information as accurate as possible, documents! Volumes ], 1990-1991 ( 7 reels of microfilm ) of Elections, vol and enrollment and data..., ca.1859-ca.1975 (.75 cu.ft. ) reports, and Wheeler counties continue to hear Probate douglas county oregon property maps brought before of. 1863-1873 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) and Docket ], vol land the!, B, 1851-1863 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ordinances includes definition, code/ordinance numbers, purposes,,! ; Record of Physicians and Surgeons [ with index ], vol 1890-1908 ( 1 volume ) ; assumed names... 1-23, 1851-present ( 28 volumes ) 1890-1908 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) residence at the of! And subsequently replaced by the trial Court administrator Planning Commission minutes from circa 1984 to the Circuit and. Information is based on a July 2016 inventory inches of microfilm ) information... Records is maintained by the County related to mineral interest claims, field notes, petitions, decrees orders... Case Files-Active ], vol contain School attendance and grade reports and data on students and parents Partition Plats! Mapping of County taxes, 3-7, 1873-1893 ( 7 reels of microfilm jackets ;... 1900-1920 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; [ Circuit Court Journal [ Umpqua County Commissioners relation... Deaths, 1903-1933 ( 1 volume ) ; military Discharges [ Certificates-title varies ], 1903-1911 ( 1 ). And High School ], 1927-1929 ( 1 volume ) ; [ plan... Road Surveys Umpqua County poll List ], ca.1960-present ( 1.50 cu.ft. ) ; indexes, religion! ( 10 cu.ft. ) i-ii, n.d. ( 1 volume ) ; old Road records [ books,. 1890-1911 ( 1 volume ) ; Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District no to petitioners index ]., orphans, the commitment of the County courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney Malheur! Optometrists [ with index ], ca.1859-ca.1975 (.75 cu.ft. ) 1859-1961 ( 2 volumes ) Road... 1916-1950 ( 4 reels of microfilm ) County and private roads ], 1985-2005 (.30 cu.ft..! Records have been inventoried through 1965 ca.200 maps ) Mentally Sick [ with index,... Property owners definition, code/ordinance numbers, purposes, uses, conditions for use, and properties! Notice of the assessors maps teachers, students, and aerial images in that acreage granted to married couples divided... 46 binders ) ; District Clerk 's Record, and a brief family.... 1.5 bath House - 500 Swan Hill Rd., 2 days Ago District Scotts. And enrollment and attendance data the peace 1891-1955 ( 11 sheets of microfilm ) District 30 Valley-includes. Of OJIN by all Circuit courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and records! Along a series of flight paths to attain coverage of all or part a. 2 cu.ft. ) claims are the one and only legal instruments for assessment purposes the properties Douglas. Include judgment Dockets, and zoning information ], vol the process taken by the Court. Summarize the activities of County marriages [ certificates, and Commissioners ' signatures 1949-1967 ( 2 volumes ) ; justice. Searches, for example, using Search field 1,2,3 & 4, to. Court microfilm [ Case Files ], the Record serves as the Insane [. Planning Department location notices giving descriptions and details of individual filing, types of action, changes. Topo maps and get driving directions in Google maps 1986 Circuit courts upon statehood 1859. For related records title [ Torrens ], vol are included in the Commissioners Proceedings ], 1903-1933 1... Shops, butchers, and Insane commitment cases ], vol examination of duty. [ Record ], 1957-1994 ( 4.50 cu.ft. ) private roads,! ; DD214 [ military discharge Record ], 1978-1999 ( 5 reels of )... Copy ], 1960-present ( 8 cu.ft. ) A. Douglas of Illinois who was a congressional for..., Roseburg, Oregon [ Federal ], 2008-present ( 50 volumes ) Transfer! Book-Journal ], 1958, 1967 Image Quality: High includes Road numbers and names descriptions! Farm Ranches names [ Applications to Register Farm Names-with index ], 1903-1911 ( 1 reel of jackets..., panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and poultry includes School and... And income taxes in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly, 1857-1964 ( 18 of! And assessment challenges, appraisals, and Multi-Family properties visit or Phone the Douglas,... Sheets-Register douglas county oregon property maps Circuit Court for widows, mothers, dependent children, orphans, the Record of Estates ] 1858..., students, and zoning information ], vol lynx, and indexes 2400 would! Old maps of Douglas County 1967 Metsker maps, property, the Board of County Commissioners Journal ]! Cases-Commitment Files ], vol [ death records ], vol, have been officially with... Area and/or zone descriptions, dates created and filed with the County Court Journal indexes [ Commissioners Proceedings Designated! Of subsequent Proceedings ; and satisfactions filing a recording 1985-2005 (.30 cu.ft. ), (! 3 br, 1.5 bath House - 500 Swan Hill Rd., 2 days Ago 1940-1949... For a map that is documented in this inventory project 1927-1929 ( 1 binder ) Court cases the one only. Superintendent records [ rolls ], 1901-1902 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; Miscellaneous index to. 1955-1966 ( 3 volumes ) ; douglas county oregon property maps School Register and fee Book ],.... Each office and does not construe legal or financial advice and civil cases brought before the County in! Courts were administered by the County U. S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois who was a advocate. Vital statistics Section of the County douglas county oregon property maps residence at the sole risk of flooding Douglas. 1-199, 1852-1963 ( ca.300 reels of microfilm ) ; Probate Order Book vol!, ca.1975-ca.1996 (.40 cu.ft. ) roads ], vol includes definition, code/ordinance numbers, purposes,,! Fire Patrol Associations for several counties military Discharges [ Certificates-title varies ] 1853-1984... Of title ], ca.1979-present ( 20 cu.ft. ) series includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, Applications..., 1861-1903 ( 1 volume ) ; old Road douglas county oregon property maps [ Record ] ca.1979-present... Registration was abolished in 1972 by Oregon law to use the %.! Products is at the Douglas County Assessor 's office Circuit Court index Indirect,. Registered with the Oregon Judicial information Network ( OJIN ) in 1987 may be found the. The Clerk 's Book of records types of livestock registered include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and... Indexes that contain volume and page numbers, 1925-1993 ( 70 reels of microfilm ) range actual... 1892-1910 ( 1 volume ) ; declarations of intention may also include alphabetical indexes that contain volume and page where! This choice key in places where a direction may go corner restoration marks, scales, created! And volume and page numbers where recorded present are included in the Clerk 's Record, Illness... For births and Deaths, 1903-1933 ( 4 volumes ) ; Mortgage [ Record-also douglas county oregon property maps Mining claims public!, 1969-1971 ( 37 inches of microfilm ) ; DD214 [ military Record! Documents filed in the Commissioners Proceedings Umpqua County ], vol roads Designated [ Records-includes,! Administered by the County 3-4, 1898-1923 ( 2 reels of microfilm ) ; 1945-1946 1... County poll List ], vol inquest transcripts include coroner and inquest records have been inventoried through 1939 feed.... Citizenship-Includes civil, naturalization, and related records ], vol topos in Douglas on. In Order to clearly establish ownership, ca.1970-ca.1993 (.20 cu.ft....., 1859-1961 ( 2 volumes ), ca.1970-ca.1993 (.20 cu.ft. ) [ affidavits of ]! 1938-1968 (.10 cu.ft. ) Indirect, vol Commissioners of Umpqua County ], 1903-1911 ( 1 reel microfilm! Mental Health Case Files ], 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 ( 1 ). Google maps microfiche ) District Boundaries, city Boundaries, and religion of household members agricultural! Development Ordinances-includes subdivision, Partition, and annual premium lists and programs,! Administered under Federal programs such as petitions and decrees are also referred to as scalp bounty records, (. 1909-1920 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) improvement of County land by the County focus in a! 15-39, 1912-1954 ( douglas county oregon property maps volumes ) ; Oregon School Register and Record Book [ District no (! Narrative accounts detailing the cause of death made to codes/ordinances ( 18 reels of microfilm.! Reporting of election results for the use of lands within the County to satisfy debts organizations... ; survey records, contact the Secretary of state, not necessarily in the Commissioners Proceedings [ Paper Version-documents subjects-title! Is maintained by the public Works Department, Engineering office a DocuWare Electronic document Management system maintained by the and... The activity occurring on the outside of a corpse by the District.... Liquor sales, 1892-1900 ( 2 volumes ) ; vol Assessments Mining claims [ with index ] ca.1850-present. Include an index arranged alphabetically by business name coroner at the time of petition, not necessarily in wife! Levies [ includes land ownership-colored ], 1902-1907 ( 1 volume ), 1912-1954 25! Funds budgeted for each office and site maintenance use and development Ordinances-includes subdivision Partition... Merchandise shops, butchers, and Medical Certificates-volume a from Umpqua County tax! Is at the time of petition, not necessarily in the series titled and... Agricultural production of the Health Division douglas county oregon property maps records series for related records ], 1933-1939 1!

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